Choose a Vintage Ring for Your Engagement Ring

Everyone has different slopes when it comes to jewelry. There are people who love modern and stylish rings while others prefer the old and the ancient. If you are going to know that your future bride falls into the category, you can choose a vintage diamond engagement ring in winning her big "yes". There are many reasons why traditional rings are good options for finding the perfect engagement ring.

First, you must be aware that classic rings do not look new or old. This means that you need to have knowledge about whether a ring is really vintage or not. You can pay a hundred dollars for a fake jewelry. So it's best to look for rings in a trustworthy jewelry store so you wouldn't be fooled by any unscrupulous seller.

What gives value to a classic ring is the history associated with the ring. Usually, a ring is a form of tax or heir who has gone down from one generation to the next. A vintage ring as heir has a sentimental value that no modern rings can offer. Each ring has its own unique story which is carved in part of this type of ring. If your bride loves this idea, a traditional ring is the best ring to give her.

In the jewelry world there are three erodes that can qualify jewelry if it is really antique or not.

· The first era is the Victorian era that was achieved between 1837 and 1901. These were the times when diamonds gained popularity for use as engagement rings. Most rings during this time were either made of silver or yellow gold and usually do not have diamonds at all. Mostly stones are used as sapphires and rubies. Because of this, vintage events that come from this time are quite rare to find.

· The second era is the Edwardian era. This period in history began in 1901 and was pasted until the early 1920s. During this time, platinum replaced gold as any metal for rings. In addition, diamonds began to be used as side stones as sapphire as the primary stone used.

· The latest era of vintage events is the Art Deco era. This period varied from 1920 to 1930. It was the time when rings were strangely shaped and covered with diamonds. You can easily get to know a vintage from this period because of its unique geometric and boxy look. Apart from diamonds, other gemstones are used to decorate the ring.