Fall in Love With Black Earrings

Finally, after the hot summer months, it's time to break the thick knitted sweaters and darker colors because the fall is here! If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your autumn cloth, FREIDA ROTHMAN has covered you. Our dramatic autumn collection, Industrial Finish, is perfect for a thriving businesswoman or a haute Halloween queen.

Daring Hoops:

Hoops are all rage right now, but don't think you have to stick to a simple style. Unique hoops with dearing shapes and added beads are this year's hottest black earrings. These bold hoops from the Industrial Finish collection add a dark, bold look to any outfit. With the addition of amazing freshwater pearls and racy spikes, these sensational black gold twisted hoops give you the aura of Brooklyn without having to leave your home town.

If you are in the market for a more classic look, you can get the elegance of a traditional hoop, but with a pop with bling. FREIDA ROTHMAN's Open Hoops has stylish black gold clovers in a beautiful platinum band. These black earrings give you all the graceful vibes you crave, with a hint of edginess.

Dazzling Drop Earrings:

If you want to extend the neck by a stunning set of black earrings, you need to check out the incredible drop earring style. These earrings have a 50 mm drop, which makes them a great accessory for any assignment. The bottom stone steals the show. If you are looking for a striking look, FREIDA ROTHMAN's ballfall black earrings will suit your style. The spiritual earrings have a intricately designed ball that will stand out among the autumn colors. If you want a more reserved style, a linear drop black earring is the way to go. This attractive style has a freshwater pearl to add a luxury look to any outfit.

Stunning Studs:

It is impossible to talk about the perfect set of black earrings, without mentioning any amazing studs. These charming earrings are a staple for any outfit. Although they are smaller than hoops or drop earrings, their intricate designs are extremely versatile. Whether you are looking for elaborate cubic zirconia or large freshwater pearls, there is a beautiful black stud to complete your fall appearance.

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Freida Rothman (freidarothman.com) is a New York City-based jewelry brand with a classic aesthetic and modern design. Freida Rothman's exquisite design allows the woman all over the world to show her own style, from everyday to sophisticated.