Handmade Beaded Jewelry – How to Make Beaded Lanyards

Making your own jewelry is very simple and there are many different bead patterns to choose from. You can make different key bands that fit your mood. You might want to make some jewelry beaded ribbons to go out and some robust braids for work. Beads are especially fun to do because you can be so creative with them.

Lanyard production is popular because key bands can be used for many things and twist allows you to also customize your own designs. The following lace instructions will help you create a well-made, durable and stylish lace.

Lanyard accessories you need

You will need pearls to make a bead. You will also need beading wire or tiger tail, a Velcro, magnetic or link lock, shrink beads, a twisted hook, a key ring and a pair of needle nose pliers. You can get all these keychains to make items from a craft store or order them online.

Step by step Lanyard Instructions

First, measure two pieces of beading wire or tiger tail of the same length. The length should be about twenty-four inches. Tie one side of each thread to the key ring by stringing a crimp bead on each thread and pulling it down to the knot on the key ring lead. Shrink the bead over the knot with the pliers and place a shrink pearl cover to secure it.

Push the beads onto the wire, use no more than one or two at a time, which matches the pattern on one side with the lace pattern on the other side. Once you have finished the thread on the beads, string a shrink bead on each thread and tie the ends off. Attach the ends of the wire to your lock and move the crimp beads over the knots. Hug them with the pliers. Hug a bead cover on top to secure your knots.

Cut off any surplus leader. Now your lanyard should be safe and tight. Attach the hook to the key ring and your cord is ready.

Quick Coupling Tip

You may like to use seed beads or bead beads, alternating smaller beads with larger ones. You can match your pearl colors to the season or to your favorite football team, for example. A green and red bead is perfect for the festive period over Christmas. You can add alphabet beads that spell out your name or sweet charms for a completely unique and special homemade bead.

Adjust the length of your home band if you want it to be longer or shorter. If you make keychains as gifts for children, you can make them shorter. This saves thread and beads and means that the string is the right length.

Lanyard instructions are easy to follow and twist makes is a wonderful way to create sweet and special gifts for your friends. Lanyards are cheap to do but they are very useful for transporting important items such as a USB device, key or ID tag. You can make a variety of beads in different colors and styles and you can get one to match each outfit.