The Best Bracelets for Holiday Gifts

The leaves change colors and the temperatures fall! Soon the holiday will be here, so it's time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gifts!

If you are not completely sure of the gifts you want to get for the special women of your life, browse Freida Rothman's website. Therefore, we are sure that you will find something you and your loved one will definitely love! Freida Rothman has introduced a new series of bracelets from the Imperial Brooklyn collection. A mixture of industrial balanced with femininity, this line offers something for everyone!

The Imperial Soft Charm bracelet will make the perfect gift for your daughter or BFF. The coherent balance between stones and chains will hide oh so beautifully on whose wrist. If you or someone in your life loves bangles, the High Polished Bangle Stack should be the next addition to the collection. This wonderful set of three is the arm light you've been looking for!

For the more refined women in your life, the Industrial Finish Textured Hinged Bangle will be the perfect addition to any evening dress. This fine bracelet has handmade clear cubic zirconium chlorides, as well as black cubic zirconium stones, the perfect balance in a traditional bracelet with some edginess to join.

Add some texture to your arm with Rose D or Hinge Bangle. The pattern of this bracelet is similar to that of a queen crown, as the diamond path shimmers between romantic rose circles, set on a luxurious gray background. This piece can be a statement when worn alone or stacked for extra drama. The choice is yours.

Impress everyone you go by with the Imperial Blue Soft bracelet. You will love the way this bracelet moves on your arm and resembles a wave with the vibrant blue borders. For an even more eye-catching effect, stack this bracelet with similar (if not the same) pieces. This blend of fashion jewelry will add to your charisma in ways that you have not really imagined.

Indulge yourself in the holiday season with orante Imperial Mother of Pearl Hinge Bangle. This part is bound to be a talking point between you and your friends, because hand-set cubic zirconium sits wonderfully next to the gemstone of black gold with black gold as a background.