Wearing Jewelry in the Summer – Make It Bright and Beautiful

Summer is here! Everything is in bloom and everything we wear will glitter! Goodbye to the rain and relax and welcome the summer's freshness and the wonderful long days.

The "i" is the bright beautiful jewelry that makes us feel good. The sun that strikes the Swarovski crystals makes a halo around you.

Match with your clothes and mix and match with the leather bracelet. Layering does the trick. Have fun with it

"I" s constantly changing. Some people love the rose gold, others love to leather bracelets or ankles.

Either one, as long as they are stored and make you feel good that everything is important.

Necklace: These are keys to pull your outfit together. Layers or wear alone. For the sweet Swarovski charms, wear Geo Pendant. Just that and let it make that statement. For climbers, go with long layers and hangers. Mix and match. A plain with large patterns. Want more bling? The Bible pearl necklace with its beautiful summer colors makes these sparkle the one wearing alone.

earrings: Small elegant studs or drop earrings. The smaller earrings compliment the always popular stored necklaces. The long hanging earrings are perfect for complimenting your look. Edgy and chic – skull swarovski earrings make a statement. Cute but elegant.

Bracelet: Cufflinks are IN! Feel like Wonder Woman in these wonderful cuff bracelets that can be worn alone or one on both wrists to finish your outfit. Or dazzle it with swarovski crystal bracelet, charm bracelet or leather bracelet. I wear my graphite charm bracelet with the leather bracelet. Looks cool!

~~ ankle POS = TRUNC: Finally ankleten. When your rockin is your heels, match them with the anklet. Either the beads or the sterling silver. They never go in style!

Did you know that our handmade Swarovski is all nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

Lots of people, including myself, have skin allergies that can be very rare. It is a very common question because many people are sensitive to chemicals, specific fabrics and some jewelry.

Some of the skin irritants are in a certain type of metal that can make choosing jewelry very challenging. Before the charm band and the charms, and then the Swarovski earrings and necklaces, I found it difficult to find jewelry that did not leave me an itch.

I used to wear gold but found that I really loved fashion jewelry and even silver matched my skin tone.

There is obviously a lot of irritation in jewelry and one of the foremost is nickel. Nickel is one of the most common metals used most for jewelry. Even if you do not suffer from many allergies, you may be sensitive to nickel.

Sterling silver is the best option and all our jewelry is hypoallergenic. Thus "nickel free".

Our beautiful jewelry can be worn for special events or day to day. I know I have fun testing and wearing all the wonderful things we bring.