Beaded Tassel Earrings

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The Celtic people, or Celts for short, were dominated in the middle and western Europe for a thousand years. Now many of the Celts' descendants can be found in parts of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

Traditionally, the Celts transferred knowledge of their culture through oral and it was because of this that no documentation of their history could be found on those people who became proud warriors, merchants, and rulers. Little is known about them before their contact with the Greeks and Romans. While history is not well documented during the Celtic people's nomadic times, the widely accepted story is that the modern styles of Irish jewelry are strongly influenced by Huns, Druids and Celtic culture in what is called modern Europe today.

Celtic jewelry art is the essence of enchanting and magical because of the mystery and the meaning of its pattern. Not only beautiful artwork, many pieces of Celtic jewelry have excellent jewelry crafts. Adopting ideas from nature and applying these simple motifs and knot work to the overall design, they produced intricate jewelry designs of gold, silver and bronze. In addition to Celtic rings, many of their designs are on bracelets, earrings and pendants.

It was between 200 BC to 500 AD Precious metals such as gold and silver were designed for things like gorgets, sleeves and clothes fasteners, slices, bracelets, lunulae and torcs. Many of these beautiful pieces of jewelry today are available in the National Museum of Ireland today. Although it was possible that Celtic art was incorporated into materials such as wood and textiles, this cannot be confirmed, since none of their works has survived over the years.

The Celtic style of jewelry underwent further refinement from the Irish monks. Without their inspired development came the Celtic Cross and the most treasured of ancient manuscripts, Kells, Lindisfame and Durrow's books. Its beauty and craftsmanship attracted historic buyers across the Mediterranean, and as a result, Celtic jewelry became one of the most widely traded articles by traders and traders.

Currently, Celtic jewelry is very popular around the world and excellent pieces of Celtic jewelry can still be found from the gold jewelry using the same traditional jewelry making techniques for the skilled, ancient Celtic goldsmiths. Many of the popular designs that are seen today include works of art derived from the old manuscripts. While the Celtic people, as a clearly identifiable ethnic group, are now far away, their proud legacy of jewelry makes life, especially in places where many of their declines live today.

Celtic rings and jewelry can be purchased from jewelry stores for brick-and-mortar, but for the best selection and craftsmanship, go online or visit a specialized Irish jewelry store. If you are special about quality, make sure that jewelry originates from Ireland or Scotland. This is especially so if you buy it as a wedding ring or engagement ring. For the mass market silver Celtic jewelry, these can be found in abundance offline and online.