Best Seed Bead Jewelry 2017 – Beaded ball tutorial

Seed bead jewelry Beaded Bead Tute with beads numbered for clarity ~ Seed Bead Tutorials Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

Metal beads are one of the best jewelry that makes things to buy, for various reasons: they are strong, versatile, heavier than plastic beads, they can be plated and they come in a wide range. Here is a guide to some of the different types of metal beads that are available to buy.

These metal beads have been specially treated so that they are covered in a very thin layer of genuine silver. Although they look like sunny silver beads, they are actually just covered in a layer of it. This means that even though the beads look like they are made entirely of silver, they do not cost as much as beads that are solid silver. Because of this, silver-plated items are good value for money. They are available to buy for much less than massive silver items, but will still add a touch of class to all your homemade jewelry.

Gold plated:
It is also possible to use genuine gold for sheet metal products with the same technology needed for silver plating. These articles are a good value alternative for buying solid gold alloys. Buy these to add a bling of bling to your jewelry creation, or to create handsome things for evening wear or special occasions. Gold plating can be used with different types of gold, such as white gold and rose gold, so if you want to choose gold beads, your options are even bigger!

Metal can be given a frosted effect instead of the shiny polished option. Matt-effect metal is a good option for those who are looking for the advantages of metal (weight, strength etc) without gloss as polished metal offers. Matt-effect beads are also less smooth than polished, which means they are more suited to certain types of jewelry than others.

Polished metal beads have been polished and buffed to give the beads a spectacular smooth surface and brilliant shine. These beads are eye-catching and will reflect the light in a way that gives a brilliant surface.

Unusually shaped trinkets:
Although many metal beads are round, uneven or cylindrical, metal is a very malleable material for bead makers to work with, and before that they can create many different, brilliant and unusual shapes that go away from the norm. These beads (or charms) are sometimes available singularly, as a set of identical beads or part of an assortment. They can be used to express the individual's individuality or as a reminder of a particular time or place in the life of the wearer.

These different types of beads do not exclude each other, for example it is possible to get silvered, unusually shaped charms or polished gold beads. It is also possible to find beads that have some polished sections and some matt sections! There are so many different types of metal beads available that the list of jewelry designs that you can do with them is endless!