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It clicks. It's nice. It keeps you punctual. A watch is the must have fashion accessories that end a look. But with so many brands and styles of watches on the market, how do you know the best clock style for you? Would you have a different style of watch depending on the occasion? What impression is your attitude with the watch you are wearing?

Here is a fun quiz to determine your personality type for clock.

The robust type

You live life on the edge and require a watch that is sporty, hard and stands up to the elements. You want a gadget clock that keeps up with your active style.

Classic type

You are comfortable in your own skin. You are the kind of guy who is straight and narrow - the one that people can trust. You want a nonsense, traditional style clock with impeccable craftsmanship. This is the kind of timeless style that you can imagine moving on to your son. Choose a watch that is elegant with clean lines.

The modern type

You enjoy your technical gadgets. Between updating your Facebook and Twitter, take your morning quota on your laptop while sipping a latte at your favorite coffee shop. You are a power player whose taste in modern, but classic design puts you apart.

The flashing type

You are a fun and trendy person who loves a contemporary feeling. You yearn for bleeds that twist the head and notice you as soon as you walk in a room.

Easy Going Type

No muss or essence for you. You feel comfortable and relaxed. You want a watch that is simple, light, comfortable. You love a daily dress with a leather strap that feels so cozy as a lazy Sunday morning that reads the paper.

Overall tips for choosing the right clock

In addition to choosing a watch that matches your style, you should consider the following when choosing a watch:

How much did you want to spend on a watch?
Do you need a dress or something for everyday wear?
Which characteristics are most important to you?
Do you want analog or digital?
Do you like a bell style that has bling or a simple, clean design?
Do you prefer a metal or leather strap?

Bottom line, today's watches are available in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. There is no need to limit yourself to just one. Treat yourself as a watch that really fits your lifestyle and personality.