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Best Seed Bead Jewelry 2017 Step by step pictures for tassel cap Seed Bead Tutorials

You probably wonder if it is enough for your children to have so much jewelry at an early age. Well, not all children can get used to wearing jewels. Most of them, especially the toddlers, do not think it is convenient for them to have jewelry hanging around their necks and wrists, or even the earrings stuck in their ears. In addition to looking for children's jewelry that looks good on your child, you should also choose to look for jewels that are safe for them to wear.

Because there are different types of jewelry for people to be able to take advantage of today's times, it is necessary that you get some extra caution when choosing what kind of jewelry to wear on your children, especially the young ones. Infants, toddlers and even toddlers may find it a little annoying for them to wear jewelry because of their delicate skin. Your child's skin is very sensitive and more often they are prone to allergies. If your child's skin reacts to metals, you should know what types of metal can cause allergy to your baby's skin, such as nickel. Nickel can cause mild allergy in close contact with those whose skin is strictly reactive to this metal. If you are not sure that your child is allergic to this metal or not, you can have the child wear such jewelry. If you notice that your child's skin is reactive to nickel, you must get him / her to avoid wearing such jewelry.

Apart from nickel, there are other metals that can cause allergic reactions to your child's sensitive skin. Sometimes not only pure nickel jewelry can cause such reactions, but those classified to have a larger proportion of other metals plus a large proportion of nickel. According to the European standard for nickel content for an object, it should be at least 0.05 percent. Because nickel is known to be the most popular of all in causing allergies, it is important that you look for nickel-free children's jewelry. You can also search for jewelry made of other metals such as niobium, sterling silver consisting of copper alloy and silver only or jewelry made of plastic.