Bold and gold! Shop these chunky hoops by The Hexad at now #chu…

Bold and gold! Shop these chunky hoops by The Hexad at now #chunkyhoops #goldhoops

Do you have gold jewelry that you never have more to take up space in your home? Why not make some money on it? There are two main ways to do this: sell the pieces as jewelry or sell them to their value in gold. There is not a "right" method; They have all the advantages and disadvantages, and several factors will affect your decision.

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčlike whole jewelry

They say the sum is greater than its entire parts, and it is indeed true for well-made jewelry. Jewelry is priced not only for the materials that went into it, but also for the skill and craftsmanship required to fashion it. Many jewelry also contains gemstones and metal. If you sell your jewelry to a gold buyer, you will not be compensated for the beauty and complexity of the jewelry, just for its value in gold. Some gold buyers will either return gems to you or buy them from you, but others will not. Be sure to ask about this policy before selling.

With all these factors in mind, if you have a particularly beautiful and well-made piece of jewelry that is still modern, you may be better off selling it as a whole, rather than a gold buyer. Get evaluations from goldsmiths and gold buyers before making a decision, so you can be sure you get the best price.

Sells like scrap gold

There are certainly many cases where it is smart to sell your old jewelry as whole pieces, but not all jewelry is well made, not all jewelry is in one piece, and not all jewelry is still modern. These are some of the situations where you will usually benefit from selling your old jewelry as scrap gold, melting down and reforming to something else. If your jewelry is broken, twisted or missing, it will not be worth much for a jeweler.

Even if your jewelry is in good condition, it can be difficult to find a buyer if it is rude. E.g. was the trend of the 80s for great gold jewelry, but current fashion favors silver and a simpler style. No matter how well made your old jewelry is, you will have a much easier time selling it as gold than as jewelry if it is no longer in fashion.

The sale of jewelry as gold also provides convenience. If you have several pieces to sell, you can get the maximum money by estimating each part separately, selling some as jewelry and others as gold. However, this process can be time consuming and frustrating. Making money from your old jewelry quickly and easily, selling to a gold buyer is your best option.