Corona Ring – YouTube

Corona Ring – YouTube

Your hobby hobby is an excellent opportunity for recycling. There is no real "standard" inventory for dollhouse thumbnails. Expect to collect your own inventory of miniature accessories when completing dollhouse projects. Keep your eyes open, always thinking on an inch scale .. & # 39; If it looks the right scale, set it as creating a docking house accessory. Save these pieces in small jars or containers so that you do not face the prospect of digging through a large box of odds and ends.

There are plenty of wooden household items that can be used to build miniature furniture and other accessories. Coffee stirrers, skewers, heavy depressors, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks and golf tees make good "timber." Lock buttons can be made with beads and charts. Children & # 39; building blocks, match boxes, small gift boxes and wire coils also make a good start for all types of small furniture for your dollhouse.

Miniature lamps and other decorative miniatures can be made with beads and jewelry that make goods. Other common household items that can be useful when sneaking your doll include thimbles, toothpaste hats, broken jewelry, buttons, wristwatches, film containers, drinking rolls, and paper cuts. This is of course just a basic list; If you keep your eyes open, you can discover that almost everything you encounter offers a useful part for docking projects.

Never throw fabric, wallpaper, place rugs, ribbons, scrapbooking papers or other scrapers with a print suitable for the miniature scale. Even paper napkins and paper towels can find a new use in your dollhouse. These can be used to make rugs, throw rugs, floor coverings, textured walls, blankets, tablecloths and almost any other fabric in your doll.

You can even make a doll accessory from food packaging. Empty coffee machine containers can be used to make flower pots, buckets and lamp shades, while aluminum foil is excellent for simulating metal surfaces, and the texture of the egg carton makes excellent stone work. Also bottle caps and lids can find a use in the miniature setting.

When it comes to creating a docking house accessory from recycled household items, the only limit is your imagination. Start looking through your junk boxes to see which remnants you can turn into miniature accessories. Soon you understand that you have plenty of things that would be perfect for creating docking thumbnails.