cotton handwoven necklace /”ivory dress”/ different shapes of ivory/ ethnic jewelry/ boho chic/ tribal jewelry/earhy colors

cotton handwoven necklace /”ivory dress”/ different shapes of ivory/ ethnic jewelry/ boho chic/ tribal jewelry/earhy colors

High School Musical Movie is no flash in the dark, teeny bopper, from here and away tomorrow. The surprises of High School Musical have also critics talk about how good it is. It praises its music and choreography. Parents are similar to their generation's fat film. It is actually one of the very best selling movies and audio tracks to be released under the Disney banner. The franchise has not produced one, but three films. Other spin offs include games, tours and books.

The original High School Musical Movie was released in January 2006. It immediately became popular and tweens everywhere showed their loyalty by buying franchise products such as lunch boxes, jewelry, albums, video games and clothing. The plot was quite simple: boy (Troy) is a great bass hero but he secretly feels like being in the school performing arts group. The boy then meets nerdy girl (Gabriella) who also dreams of being in the stage group. Problems arise when the boy fills in pressure from friends and father.

The film continued to win many awards, including:

Billboard Music Award: Soundtrack Album of the Year
Emmy: Outstanding choreography
Teen Choice Award: Best Breakout Artist and Best Chemistry
Television Critics Association Award: Outstanding performance on children's TV

High School Musical 2 lived up to the first in popularity. The premiere bought in over 17 million viewers (nearly ten million more than the first). It's the end of the school year and the gang gets a job at the Lava Springs resort. The owner of the resort has a love of Troy and plans to find a way to break up Troy and Gabriella. Although not as critically admired as the first, High School Musical 2 was still popular and produced Disney Channel hit song, "Fabulous", by Ashley Tisdale.

The franchise met the big screen in the fall of 2008 with High School Musical Movie 3. The plot line develops around the gang against their fears about life after graduation. The two main characters Troy and Gabrielle deal with the prospect of being separated, because each goes their own way.

Disney has made full use of the franchise by creating multiple spin offs:
High School Music Concert Tour reached fans in the United States, Canada and Latin America.
The music school's musical music school has been performed by theater groups throughout the United States and the UK.
High School Musical Ice Tour presented Olympic medal winning athletes.

There seems to be no close proximity to the High School Musical franchise. It is rumored that High School Musical 4 is in development with most of the original casting coming back. At the same time, High School Musical 3 breaks cash record records in the US and UK.