DIY Leather Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects.This bracelet is uni…

DIY Leather Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects.This bracelet is unique because the clasp is in the front. There is a good description of fold-over end caps that crimp the leather ends and make these ends easy to add jump rings to.  For hundreds of the best DIY bracelets go here:

Since the gold price reaches to near historical heights of over $ 1000 per ounce, sellers have been subjected to an attack of sharp electronic signs, spotted signs, and top-level television ads that promote them to kill by trading in their unwanted gold items. , especially jewelry. But what these ads do not say takes the brilliance of the whole course of gold buyers. People think that there is a huge, very light and fast cash waiting for them, while this is not necessarily the case. Gold traders operate in a self-regulated and controlled industry, which makes it important for gold sellers and buyers to fully understand how the transactions work.

The big question that needs to be answered is how easy it is to dispose of and realize the true value of your gold bottoms, sovereigns, jewelry or unusual gold coins such as the US Buffalo, the Austrian Philharmonic or the Chinese panda? Below we look at a number of tips for those who are interested in knowing where to sell gold.

Get your gold first assessed

Before selling gold you get an assessment made by an independent valuer. Look for an assessor who is licensed, if possible one who is already an accredited member of a nationally or internationally recognized organization. For example, the American community of appraisers would be good at getting your gold valued.

Feel the gold buyer

If you send out your jewelry, you should first do research on the company's reputation. Before sending out, certifying and assuring them of theft or loss protection. In Australia, most jeweler members are jewelers & # 39; The Association of Australia (JAA) and their website would be a great place to start your research. You can also confirm if the company has ever received any customer complaints on your local Better Business Bureau website. It is also at the best of your interests when you only deal with companies that have established reputation and actual business pages.

Feel the Gold Karat content

It is important to appreciate that the quality of gold varies. The majority of gold jewelry is normally in the range of 14 to 18 carats and rarely comes as pure 24 carat gold. In most cases, the carat content is etched somewhere on your jewelry.

Shop around

Before accepting a sale, get several offers from different gold traders. The recommended business technique is to get at least three quotes before you decide, as this is to your advantage. Patience is a value in every business sales transaction.

Be vigilant with gold coins

When you plan to sell your gold coins, be careful not to do so with the grammar. It is possible that they could be worth much more in the eyes of a gold coin collector.

Taken at its nominal value, ingots or bars may look like the better value when it comes to value for money, as they are usually sold and purchased in larger quantities. But in an article entitled "Buy gold" they say - but how do you sell it? & # 39; by Emma Simon published on The Telegraph in March 2013, she recommends that if you only want to get money in some of your gold assets, it can be easier and easier when you have coins. For example, when you have 10 sovereigns, you can choose to sell only one.