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According to the latest statistics compiled by the US Census Office, about 5 percent couples have reached their 50th wedding anniversary, making this achievement a highlight that only few couples achieve.

The following are unique 50th anniversary gift ideas for those who are looking for a gift for your spouse, parents or friends.

Anniversary gift ideas for your spouse

Although the traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold, it can be a romantic gesture to give the traditional first anniversary gift of paper to express that you love your spouse as much as you did on your first wedding day. This can mean: (1) finding an original edition of your spouse's daily newspaper from his or her date of birth or from your wedding date, (2) finding an old postcard from a place that is meaningful to you two, eg. from your honeymoon goal, where the proposal occurred, or where you first met (get it framed), or (3) find an old photo of the two you are going to frame.

Anniversary gift ideas for your parents

Many couples' most valuable memories are made of paper, such as photographs, love letters and cards, deeds to their houses, etc. Consider capturing paper taxes in a gold-bound album. Ask family members, friends, or even former classmates to contribute to an album to celebrate your parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Or, if your budget allows, coordinate a holiday in celebration of your parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Worth a celebration as a recognition of their special anniversary and decorate in a theme related to the holiday, such as a luau if they went to Hawaii. During the celebration, announce the special gift as a surprise to your parents.

Anniversary gift ideas for your friends

For friends celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, consider arranging a greeting from the president if you are an American citizen. Greetings can be sent for 50 years wedding anniversary and subsequent years. You must send your request to the White House six weeks before the date of the event. You can find information on this [http://www.whitehouse.gov/greeting/].

Or, since the traditional gift for a fiftieth wedding anniversary is gold, consider organizing a "golden basket" full of goodies, such as Gold Blend coffee, Golden Grahams and everything wrapped in gold paper. Line the basket with shredded gold paper and add a gold bow.

Use these anniversary gift ideas to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary or to help your parents or friends celebrate their special day.