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Fake Jewelry | Orange Jewelry | The Most Beautiful Jewelry 20190819

Exquisite or WAP Watson Ltd produced costume jewelery in the UK from 1914 to 1979. One of the most popular series was the birthday selection. Hand-painted flowers designs for every month of the year.

The series was perfect for a birthday present and you can choose between necklace, brooch or clip on earrings. Or even buy the whole set to coordinate your look. The brochures were made in two sizes one small and one larger. During my research I have not found any bracelets, but I think they may have been produced and so if you own one I would love to know!

Each piece of jewelry was hand painted with cold enamel; and that means that there are many different variations to find, which makes it quite interesting to collect them.

The flowers used for each month were the popular, easy-to-grow varieties that begin to flourish only then in the UK. A mixture of perennials and annuals.

Below is a list of the months and the flower design used

January - snowdrop (white flowers with long green leaves)
February - primrose (yellow flowers with green leaves)
Mars - Violet (Pink / Purple Flowers with Green Leaves)
April - iris (blue flowers with long green leaves)
May - pansy (blue, yellow and pink flowers with green leaves)
June - rose (red roses with green leaves)
July - fuschia (pink, mauve flowers with green leaves)
August - poppy (red poppy with green leaves)
September - cornflower (blue flowers with green leaves))
October - Carnation (pink, white flowers with green leaves)
November - chrysanthemum (purple flowers with green leaves)
December - Christmas rose or Helleborus Niger (white flowers with yellow center, red crystal berries and green leaves)

The brochures were in sizes 7 x 5 cm (larger) and 5 x 4 cm (medium sized). Characteristically, a lot of flowers are open and in buds tied with a bending band.
Necklaces were flowers and leaves arranged in a row with a length of smooth chain to lock
Earrings all clip on type with a flower and leaves.

Most of the brooches and earrings seem to be signed on the back "Exquisite" or also have reg and signage. Many of the collars are unsigned, but usually have the signature bow attached to the buckles.

The birthday panel is in their original boxes or on bags. If you are lucky, have a birthday gift badge. They were available in gold or silver tone metal.

Because Exquisite jewelry was hand painted, care must be taken when buying a piece. Look at the photos or examine the bit in depth. Some pieces are in excellent condition but some may have the enamel wear. Remember if the enamel is too worn you can paint it yourself.

Vintage costume jewelry from Exquisite was produced for a long time and there are many different series to collect - so have fun.