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In fact, Kashmin's people have made a significant contribution in history, poetry, philosophy, science, etc. Kashmir's crafts like pashmina shawls, paper mache products, rugs, silk, wood, etc. are accredited around the world. Celebrations and festive activities during festivals provide an important diversion from these people's simple and monotonous lives. The festivals which are celebrated with great joy include Id-ul-Fitr, Diwali, the festival Hemis, Navratras and the Loshar festival. Tours and trips to the state of Kashmir give you the chance to see an Indian tradition where people of different religions celebrate their festivals and brilliantly colored enthusiasm. The homes in the region usually have a lot of wood, after the inside is very warm. The brick houses have pagoda roofs and facades picturesque.

The lifestyle of the locals is very slow in the old town. Watercourses and Shikara are the best way to enter the old city interior. Women are very entrepreneurial, they sell food, flowers and the hand of their goods in the floating markets. Kashmiri arrow baskets used for transporting essential goods from one place to another. There are a number of outdoor markets in the old town. Here tourists have the pleasure of buying all Kashmir traditional spices and food. Travel and travel to the state of Kashmir are also trying to store the outdoor market in the old city where you will probably find all the traditional items used in the kitchen of these simple people.

Culture of Ladakh

Buddhism is the way to live in Ladakh. There are ancient Buddhist stone carvings throughout the region, even in areas such as the ARD and the lower Suru Valley which are now inhabited by an exclusive Muslim population. The gap between Muslims and Buddhists in Ladakh by Leh (on the Kargil-Leh road) and between the villages of Parkachick and Rangdum Suru in the valley, but there are pockets of Muslim population further east in Padum (Zanskar), in the Nubra Valley and in and around Leh . The village Buddhist approach is always noticed by Mani walls, long breasts high face of stone structures carved with mantra in manpaddle of hum and shortening, recalls Cairns, as stone pipes pots. Many villains have had a Gompa or monastery in May that it will be an impressive complex of temples, prayer halls and monks "housing, living a small hermitage single and home alone Lama. Islam has also come to the west. A peaceful penetration of the Shiite The sect, led by missionaries, is guaranteed its success by the early transformation of the leaders of ARD, Kargil and Suru Valley, in these areas, the Mani and the shortened walls are placed by mosques, often small unpretentious buildings, or the imposing Islamic-style structures of Imambara, topped with dome leaf smooth in the sun's glow.

In the Leh area with women from both communities, Buddhists and Muslims, enjoy greater freedom than other parts of the region. They work not only at home and on the ground but also to do business and interact freely with other men than their own relationships. On the other hand, in Kargil and its neighboring regions, it is only in recent years that women are increasing their half-insolation and taking jobs other than traditional agriculture and housekeeping. Cash and public events are accompanied by the music function "surna" and "daman" (oboe and drum), originally introduced in the Baltistan Ladakh Muslims, but only now played by musicians Buddhist known as Mons.


When it comes to clothing, it is concerned that the phiran is a commonly worn. It is usually a woolen garment and a lot of embroidery work. These dresses are decorated with floral designs of colors and patterns. Round trips in the picturesque and beautiful Kashmir can be a special treat that most people on the street can be seen on the tradition or dress of the phiran. Men and women find it easy and convenient to wear these phireans because they are very warm and loose and can fit hot water bags or small pots of burning coal. With this arrangement, they can stay warm in extremely cold climates.

Kashmir is very popular for its pashmina shawls. These shawls are made from the wool textile tradition. The wool textile is obtained from mountain goat. These complexes have scarves thread work made on them. These shawls have worked on both sides. Cashmere embroidery is known as Kasidis. The specialty of the Kasidis work is that it is done so that the trends also occur on both sides of the fabric. Cashmere, streets are very popular. Many women in Kashmir after Islam carry Abaya. Travel to the Kashmir region generally tries tourists to go shopping shopping sprees. Cashmere women have a fetish for silver jewelry. Most women wear cashmere with heavy silver chains with pendants sold on them. They carry heavy profits money. The traditional trout is huge, money and generally available in variations in the form of a clock. Men wearing hair, cashmere and brocade.