Gemstone charm on leather necklace by Sweet Nothings Jewelry – Would look great …

Gemstone charm on leather necklace by Sweet Nothings Jewelry – Would look great with Kazuri beads

Jewelry designers often look for unique decorations to postpone their jewelry creations. These days are one of the most popular types of beads that jewelry designers use lava beads. There are many reasons why designers include lava beads in their creations and there are many reasons why they wear jewelry made from them.

One of the main reasons is that lava is a mineral of fortification, productivity and power. They provide duration during change-time and they also help an individual disperse rage. They also provide sympathy and regulation. Because it is a grounding stone, it strengthens the relationship you have with Mother Earth. Each bead is exclusive because of their uneven surfaces and naturally shaped cavities.

Low beads are formed when the volcano erupt and molten lava makes its way to the surface. When it comes in contact with the cool atmosphere, molten lava cools and forms stones. Natural lava beads are available in various shapes and sizes. They are lightweight, making them an ideal choice for jewelry making.

During the old days, the lava rock of American Indians was used when they entered combat. It is believed that this stone has the characteristics of clarity and strength. American Indians believed it gave both mental and physical strength when faced with difficult situations.

But today, numerous varieties of lava beads are also available. They are sold online and in local craft shops. Many people who buy lava jewelry wear them because of their importance and qualities and artificial beads do not matter, even though they look as attractive as their natural counterparts.

If you want to avoid artificial varieties and want to buy natural lava beads, then here are some tips for you.

Lava stones come in two colors that are black and brown. But the right thing is that there are no brown artificial lava stones on the market. So if brown is your color, you don't have to worry about anything.

In the case of the black lava fields, you must be aware of the artificial varieties that are made of concrete and have been colored black. You can still separate the natural blacks from the artificial ones by weighing them. The artificial varieties are heavier.

You can also find out if the lava stone is natural or not by doing this simple test:

• Boil some water and place the stone in the water
• If the stone is not natural, you will get an alkaline concrete air because this is what the stone is made of
• You may notice color bleeding from the artificial stone