Gorgeous Caged Round Cabochon Wire Pendant Tutorial (The Beading Gem’s Journal)

Gorgeous Caged Round Cabochon Wire Pendant Tutorial, a diy craft post from the blog The Beading Gem's Journal, written by Pearl Blay on Bloglovin’

Judging the right clothing color for gold jewelry takes some serious thought. You really wouldn't want to look over the top; nor would you like to see a little rash. You must try to create a fashion style that best reflects sophistication, individuality, and good sense of fashion.

Fashion dictates that the color gold goes well with earth tones. These are the tints of brown, cream and tan. You can wear a brown dress to create a fantastic look with your dangling gold earrings and gold necklaces. A colored tan perks up with a golden brooch that lies beautifully just below your left shoulder. A cream dress becomes a sparkling look when you are finished with gold bracelets that wobble on your right arm and with a golden watch on your left hand.

Think of other earth colors that go well with gold. Think of the little black dress, which matches well with all the gold and with any color. Think of color colourants, silver and granite colors as elegant colors. These color tones flatter gold ornaments and achieve a fantastic look for you.

Soil tones can also contain blue, which is the color of the sky. Gold ornaments combined with a pale blue dress create an excellent look with a touch of youth in your aura. Similarly, the color creates a healthy and sweet image of you at any time of the day. In fact, you have beautiful choices to enhance the gold with this type of color tones.

For a dramatic effect, consider wearing a king-blue color dress. This shade accentuates your gold accessories. Everyone would notice a certain shine that harmonizes well with your dress color. Wear a gold necklace paired with gold earrings to create a nice look. You look good and people would surely be enchanted with your persona.

Weaving an emerald green dress balances your overall look. The color screen of your dress tones too much shine from your gold accessories. Anyone looking at you would focus on your dress and then on your gold ornaments or vice versa. For its vision, your color combination is only suitable. You chose the right colors to put together a charming look.

Having gold jewelry is fashionably right regardless of any occasion. But you have to consider the color of your dress to fully achieve the desired look you have in mind. You need to think about good color coordination for your look. The right options create a fantastic look, but the wrong options can ruin your style.

Deciding on the best dress color that complements gold jewelry is a bit overwhelming. You may need fashion advice from friends who are in trends. You can also explore and read about different fashion formats that teach you how to match the right accessories to match your wardrobe, color choices and similar fashion needs.

It is also important that you are comfortable with your choices. When you feel right with your options, your image reflects it. Your aura means that your appearance is collapsed and visually attractive. You look elegant, feminine and perfect.