How to Style: Layered Pendants | The Astley Clarke Blog

How to Style: Layered Pendants | The Astley Clarke Blog

If you have an online jewelry company, love to design jewelry, or would like to showcase some of your jewelry, write a handmade jewelry blog is a great place to start. This can help you build customers if you plan to sell, market your writing, or it can be something done just for fun. Include how to sneak articles, fun places to shop for gems and supplies, and even nice projects to do. Your creativity and imagination can help you write something!


Difficulty : Moderate

Things you need
  • Free blog account

  • Some jewelry items

  • Some pictures make it more "attractive"
  • Step

    Step one : Open a blog blog account on a free blog host site like

    Step two : Follow the online instructions to open your account and build a mini profile about yourself if you want.

    Step three : Take some pictures of some jewelry projects that you or one of your friends might have done (make sure you have permission first), beads or anything else that can inspire you to make jewelry. Images can help pull more people to your blog posts.

    Step four : Start by sending some blog posts. Your first post may be an introduction to your blog and why you start it, or even some interesting facts about handmade jewelry. The big thing is that it can be about everything you want, because this is your blog.

    Step five : Add posts to your blog daily, biweekly or weekly weekly. Keep it updated often so your readers will return for more.

    Step Six : Send a link to your blog to your friends, family or already existing customers. If you're talking in message boards, include it in your signature line, so you can get more readers for your blog.

    Step seven : Remember to have fun writing and let "good blogs roll".