Kolye Ucu Ve Kolye Kordonu Yapımı – YouTube

Kolye Ucu Ve Kolye Kordonu Yapımı – YouTube

Portugal offers a wide range of handcrafted items in artists & # 39; studios, factory exhibitions, departments and hardware stores in all major cities. You can buy these items as souvenirs for your loved ones.

Ceramics - Black ceramic

You can buy exquisite handmade black ceramic items from Molelos in northern Portugal. Craftsmen come from families who have been in this job for generations. They have worked with the tools that are as old as 150 years. They specialize in old and traditional black ceramics.

The ceramic items are baked at 800 Celsius in ovens fired with resinous pine bark and branches. The black ceramic comes with a silver-colored gloss and smooth finish reminiscent of the Etruscan Bucchero Ware from the 7th to the 5th century BC.

Some of the important black potter items are cans, flower pots and oil lamps that are made in varying sizes.

Quartz Inlayed Handmade Ceramics - Young glazed

The traditional quartz inlaid handmade ceramics are produced in Nisa, in central Portugal. Some of the popular items in this genre are handmade unglazed pots and plates of various sizes and colors that can serve as beautiful decorative pieces. These objects require a lot of patience and exercise and are especially created by women.

The quartz insert chopper is 10 inches long. The plates are available in 10 and 12 inch diameters. It should be noted that these items are only decorated and cannot be used on the dining table.

Glazed ceramic

Glazed ceramics are created with rich Portuguese clays in the early 16th century tradition and have become known for the country's art of craftsmanship. Glazed ceramics can be used both in the kitchen and as cooking utensils in the dining room.

Some of the popular items are cakes, dessert plates, spoon supports, white and blue food plates and soup bowls.


Tile in different sizes, colors and designs are very popular with the tourists. They are painted by experienced artists in attractive murals such as sunflowers, gardens and spring baskets. The spring basket mural is very suitable for kitchens above the stove or on the kitchen table.

Tiles are also designed with contemporary art in attractive colors such as solid red, green, honey colors that cannot easily be replicated. These can be used both in walls and in tray screens.

Textiles and embroidery

Traditional products in this category include bedding, blanket work, embroidery, jewelry and many other things. Several embroidered items in attractive designs and colors are available through Portugal. They include aprons, woven bags, crocheted socks, table tops, needle pads, tapestries, and so on.

Needlepoint rugs and tapestries are made of cleanest wool, color inks and long-lasting mesh. They are among the most favored buyers of the tourists as they are made by hand. They are considered the most beautiful creations and their artist goes back to more than three centuries. They are used to decorating homes. Approximately 80% of these products are exported to a large extent abroad.