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Men's Bracelet Set – Men's Beaded Bracelet – Men's Jewelry – Men's Gift – Boyfriend Gift – Husband Gift – Gift For Dad – Present For Men

Impress your gold trendy jewelry as it did when you first got it? If the answer is no, your gold jewelry was probably not cleaned for a while, or you may never have cleaned it at all. Don't worry - this precious metal is actually quite easy to clean and it doesn't take too long. But if there is any serious dirt that will not go out, you may need to bring it to a professional for cleaning.

Gold can come and go when it comes to latest fashion trends, but gold jewelry is actually a wise investment, because the fashion world is always in love with gold tones. Even after years of silver jewelry dominance, gold trendy jewelry always finds its way back to the top of the charts.

To keep it sparkling and glossy in your gold jewelry, continue maintenance and cleaning, for example:

  1. To clean your jewelry properly, mix some soap and water together and wipe the surface with a soft cloth. The soap should be mild and contain no phosphates of any kind. If you do not clean your gold jewelry, you risk becoming the person who always wears their favorite rings but then begins to tell her friends not to look too close. Otherwise they see dirt!

  2. After cleaning gold jewelry, lay it flat on the soft cloth and allow it to dry completely before putting it back in your jewelry box.

  3. Buy a gold ornament in gold jewelry that should be available from your local jeweler. Follow the instructions on the packaging to remove waste and bring back the world's favorite metal.

  4. Do not store gold jewelry with other types of jewelry. Gold is actually a fairly smooth metal and can easily be scratched by other harder metals. Either buy has a small, separate space for your gold jewelry or hang on your jewelry screen without touching the other pieces.

  5. Remove gold rings when applying hand cream or when washing hands. Do not allow your jewelry to come into contact with chemical or acidic substances, as you may permanently damage or stain the surface of the metal.

These cleaning tips for gold trendy jewelry also apply to jewelry that is gold plated or has at least gold as 1 / 20th of the metal. However, if it is gold plated, it is especially careful not to scratch the surface.