Mixed Metal Conifer Forest Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry….made in Michigan

Mixed Metal Conifer Forest Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry….made in Michigan

Ashleigh Brilliant, a writer and a syndicated artist once said, "Keep some souvenirs in your past or how will you ever prove that it was not a dream".
Souvenirs recall the memorial of some wonderful, well-kept memories. It can be an advantage with seashells from the beach sand or a posed image in front of a monument or a rare and colorful stamp from a remote country. When it comes to travel, souvenirs achieve tremendous value, especially when people visit really exotic destinations like Kerala.

Here are some ideas about the best souvenirs to carry back from Kerala after your journey.

1. Aranmula Kannadi: Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror) is a handmade metal alloy mirror, made in Aranmula, a village in Kerala. One of the most interesting factors in Aranmula Kannadi is that the secret alloy used in the manufacture of the metal is still unknown to the public. Therefore, it is only by a few selected families. Unlike the usual "silvered" glass mirrors, which is a metal alloy mirror, is a front mirror, eliminating secondary reflections and aberrations typical of rear view mirrors.

The most famous version of Aranmula Kannadi is the huge treasure and wealth of the Sree Padmanabha Mirror representation. It should be noted that the cost of an Aranmula Kannadi starts from Rs.2500 due to the amount of work that goes into it. It is best to buy it from the family workshop where it is done.

2. Kerala Wall Paintings: One of the most famous and colorful artifacts preferred by most tourists is the murals. These paintings show the legend and beliefs of Kerala and Indian culture. Walls of ancient temples, palaces and churches in Kerala can be seen adorned with mural.

It takes a lot of dedicated effort to create this wonderful visual art. You can buy them from craft shops or order them directly from listed artist makers.

3. Net pattam: The sparkling ornament worn on the forehead of the elephant is called Nettipattam. It is mostly worn during temple festivals and is made in gold by a skilled clan of artists. It should be noted that a real Nettipattam consists of three and a half kilograms of copper and three sovereigns (24 g) of gold.

Imitations are available in different prices and sizes that can be used as wall hanging and small to hang behind the front glass of the car.

4. Nilavilakku: Another striking thing that you will get in Kerala is "Nilavilakku" (lamp on the floor) that lights up on all pleasing occasions in temples or homes.

It is a good idea to buy some of these lights for a simple reason, ie they look beautiful. You can buy such lamps of all sizes. They are cast in bronze or watch metal.

5. Kasavu Sari (Kerala Sari): This is an ideal souvenir to carry back from Kerala, especially if you want to give something to the women's people in your family. Kasavu Sarees is a traditional traditional Keralite saree in White & Gold, worn by women in Kerala. It is woven from fine cotton and bordered with gold and copper jari.

The color white and gold symbolize the purity and divinity of a woman. The cost of a Kasavu Sari varies from Rs.800 to Rs.1 lakh and depends on the width and material of kasavu which may be wire or gold. You can buy Kasavu Saris from any good textile shop in Kerala.

6. Spices of Kerala: When you are in Kerala you must present yourself and your loved ones a package of spices. Kerala is known from ancient times to spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cloves, dried ginger etc. A blend of black pepper with aromatic cardamom can be an ideal souvenir to carry back from Kerala.

The best place to buy spices is Kumily which is close to Thekkady and the second best place is Fort Cochin.

7. Kathakali Mask: The famous dance form of Kathakali originates from Kerala and you will get Kathakali souvenirs, everywhere, from fridge magnets, Kathakali masks, to hanging masterpieces, etc. Kathakali deserves special mention because it can be called an Kerala icon. The mask is made of fiber, painted and adorned with shiny stones. Masks and Kathakali figures of various sizes can be purchased from craft shops.

8. Coconut Crafts: It is true that Kerala got its name from the abundant coconut over the landscape. Kera = Coconut and Alam = Home. Fascinating every part of the coconut is used by Keralites. From the roof of the houses to carpets, everything is made with coconut. Craftsmen make useful and eye-catching articles such as bowls, cups and buttocks, table lamps, etc. Since the Coconut shell is biodegradable, these products are environmentally friendly.

9. Coir Products: As mentioned, all parts of a coconut tree of Keralites are utilized, the Coir fiber is extracted from the coconut shell. This coir fiber is mostly used to make door mats, Coir Mats, etc. which are popular and purchased to a great extent. A good carpet will cost you anywhere around Rs.300.

10. Snakeboat Models (Chundan Vallam): Snakeboats or Chundan Vallams have long been part of Kerala tradition. These boats are made of Anjili wood and are said to resemble the hood of a cobra. Nowadays, these snakes boast of all shapes and sizes. You can buy them as a porcelain or spice container, etc.

11. Nettur Casket (Nettoor Petti): Some of the finest wooden chests in the world are made in Kerala. Nettur coffin is a handmade jewelry box with intricate designs and usually consists of rosewood or teak which is further made of brass. Nettur Casket has several uses besides being a jewelry box, it can be used as storage furniture, a coffee table or a decorative object in your showcase depending on size. The cost of Nettur Casket starts from Rs. 4000 and is easily accessible in handicraft exhibitions in Kerala.

12. Elephant Figurines: Elephants are considered to be Kerala State Animal as it is found on the emblem of Kerala State Government. In addition, the famous Guruvayur Temple has more than 60 captured elephants and, on the other hand, most of the local festivals in Kerala contain at least one richly ornamental elephant. Therefore, an elephant model that is handmade is an ideal souvenir to take back from Kerala.

On your next trip to Kerala do not forget to take these unique memories back home. These souvenirs can convey your travel memories better than a thousand photographs can do.