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Gold is not depreciated. So if you own something, you've already made a smart investment! But a great deal of good investment takes care of your assets. For this reason, it is wise to keep your gold light, shiny and clean. This is especially true of gold jewelry, because this type of gold maintains the most contact. If you have expensive gold jewelry, coins or other valuables that you want to keep in good condition, continue reading to learn a simple and effective method of cleaning gold.

What you will need

To clean gold, you need to collect some specific supplies. You will need a large plastic bowl or container, some mild soap, polishing fabric, vegetable or coconut oil, a spoon, a dry cloth and a cotton swab. Do not make the mistake of using baking soda instead of polish. Baking powder is too abrasive and can scrape gold. Hard chemicals and ammonia damage gold, so stay away from these substances. Keep in mind that your gold will require a slightly different cleaning method if it has jewels embedded in it, such as rhinestones, rubies, diamonds and beads.

Here's how to start:

Fill your large plastic container or bowl with warm water.

Add a few drops of mild detergent or detergent. Use your spoon to touch the water and make suds.

Work with one piece at a time, squeeze your gold object into the soap water and use your fingers or some cotton swab to throw away dirt and oil.

Note: Do not cloud clocks in water unless they are completely waterproof. Even then it may not be a good idea. Instead, dip a cloth into the water and use it to dry your gold cleanser.

Remove your item from the bowl and rinse it with clean hot water. Wipe it thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use tissue. It is too weak and leaves lint and debris over your gold. You can also choose to air dry it overnight.

Once you have dried, use your polish to polish the shine back into your gold. Polish in straight, even lines for a smooth glow.

Cleaning Gold With Embellishment

When it comes to cleaning embellishments in your gold pieces, such as pearls or pearls, you must use strict care. These are easily damaged, especially beads. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives, and do not use excessive force when cleaning. To clean gemstones and similar decorations, use a dry cloth and a drop of vegetable or coconut oil.