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Finished Candy Corn Bracelet

Their lives go in rude, difficult ways; It takes them to move from the oasis in the summer, to the green grass of the zone in the winter. Their savings are mainly found in livestock and silver breeding. The jewels are usually used in commercial exchanges, but the most important use is as grooms (Al Mahr) in Arabic. The woman gets the larger amount of jewelry associated with her marriage, from the fiance's family. It leaves her with her own silver, which can use at any time if she needs money or wants to contribute something for her house.

Traditionally, Bedouin jewelry is made of silver and shows a great preference for coral, amber, garnet and red color stones. It is also characterized by the use of watches, balls, chains, coins; and pearls colorful and pendant. Many of these pieces are used as a symbol of protection as well as talismans to drive away bad spirits. Tradition dictates that the jewels must be destroyed when the owner dies. A jeweler is responsible for producing new pieces, which always respect the traditional style. Bedouin jewelry is often sold by gram and prices always rise. The goldsmiths produce traditional bedouin jewelry throughout the Arabian Peninsula, but the young generations are retired a little too small. The Bedouin women have been partially affected by the urban taste of gold. If we think owning gold is a way of saving and if the woman sees herself for a while, it has a way of taking control of faster money. Bedouin jewelry shop in silver is made less often and difficult to find, the reason why it acquires value for collectors and all people who are interested in bedouin jewelry in the Middle East.