Photo (Britta Nickel)

Classic white tee and denim outfit with gold dainty jewelry

Over the years, men have used jewelry for several reasons. Some tribes had necklaces made from the very leather that came from their last night's death and were used to put special items or "pendants" to show some characteristics or victories. One can put on an eagle on his necklace, usually shown to mean domination and lethal force, to let people know that he would not be taken lightly. However, another man can put a symbol similar to a bear, which usually represents medicine and healing, which is commonly used by the medical man in that strain. While we know that most people today use leather as a preferred choice for jewelry, there are many examples and evidence of other types as well. Corded necklaces, made together from local plants such as hemp, were also commonly used.

While you may not think that today's modern man would come close to the similarity to the primitive savage who once twisted the earth, take a closer look. You may be surprised that something has not changed at all. Today, various UFC fighters wear unique tribal pendants and jewelry that show different exercises or characteristics. Masculine pieces such as swords, daggers, eagles, and skulls are just a few examples of unique jewelry worn by what some people can call today's most male men. TV shows such as Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Gladiator show a whole new style of old Roman jewelry with thick leather chefs and Roman styles in the metalwork.

Rockstars, on the other hand, takes another approach in style. Pendants made of guitar picks and accessories made with famous artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and the Doors in mind cover all possible aspects of jewelry to wear. Hemp and skinned necklaces can be seen on the neck of many famous artists and begin and these pieces are so close to our ancestors it is crazy.

In today's lively and modern world, one can think that we will soon see a new development when it comes to designing and creating jewelry. But if you look at previous trends, you can discover that we do not create new, but refine and perfect the old ideas to our present taste and style.