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Is jewelry a necessity? Must have & # 39; purchase? No, not really. At present, a fuel tank tank is much more important. If jewelry is not necessary, why is it why people buy jewelry?

Here is a small list of nine reasons why people buy jewelry.

A smile

On the second day I noticed a note hanging from the knob on my front door from a non-profit organization requesting treaties. One of the items on the list was knick knacks. This is not an important thing like food or clothing.

It made me think that the company wanted these things as a simple sale and have ready money to help those in need. My second thought was that a dollar could get a smile on a desperate face and make a day brighter for someone.

Beauty and pleasure

As artists, we all know that beauty and pleasure are very mentally uplifting.

Joy and pleasure

Later that week I visited one of the thrift stores in our area and people bought knick knacks. Joy and pleasure are important to people. These knick knacks represent special memories or a way to surround us with some kind of beauty. Jewelry is just as important and it is with us for a long time.

Jewelry value

There is value for jewelry. A birthstone is very valuable; Exam ring marks a significant lifetime in life. The wedding represents love for another and the beginning of a personal life.

Sentimental value

I can remember a friend with a mind that aunt was in a nursing home. Her aunt had promised her a special ring that was used daily. The ring itself was not economically viable, but it had very sentimental value to my friend, as it represented the loving relationship between her and her aunt. She received the ring before the aunt died. The memory of her aunt will be with my friend for her lifetime.

Jewelry is an investment memory

When all is said and done, jewelry is an important purchase and a memory case for the wearer and it is worth the dollar's investment.

Holding for many generations

Whatever the economy, jewelry will sell. Most importantly, the craft must be your best. People will buy jewelry for many reasons. As a jewelry manufacturer, the pieces of jewelry that you make can become a memory case and get a valuable value for a person. If you are making jewelry that will end for several generations, do not take shortcuts to create and not subscale your creations.

Appreciated artwork

When you create jewelry with metal, valuable ore, pearls and other material, you create artwork that will be cherished. The carrier will enjoy his ring for many years and it can also go from generation to generation.

Value for money

It is very difficult to measure the value. Determine the price with practical business rules and your subjective decisions. There are logical pricing rules that people use to give a fair price to their jewelry pieces. The subject of creativity and design pricing is dependent on the jewelry maker.

How to Price:

  1. Cost of materials
  2. Labor
  3. Overhead costs
  4. What the market will bear
  5. Creative value of design