Punk’s not dead? How Vans Warped tour jumped the shark

Punk's not dead? How Vans Warped tour jumped the shark

Over time, our visitors, both invited and married couples, have asked many questions about the wedding gift

This article is formatted as Questions and Answers.
A wedding day hopes that they will help answer some of your questions. If not, please send us your questions.

Please note that

  • Q stands for question

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  • One stands for the answer
  • Greetings GUESTS ASK:

    Q. I'm invited to a wedding. The invitation arrived and with it a wish list and store register where the bride and groom came into the objects they want to receive.

    S. I'm not planning to attend. Do I need to send a gift?
    A. You don't need to, but sending a gift if you plan to attend is a nice gesture.

    Q. Do I have to give an item chosen by the bride and groom?
    One no! Although it is nice to help the couple acquire items that they have chosen, a unique gift can be equal and welcome.

    Q. Do I have to buy from one of their bridal registers?
    A. No. You can shop anywhere, even if the bridal record will inform you of which goods have already been purchased.

    Q. Can I buy a gift for the wedding instead of the future?
    A. Absolutely! To give the bride and groom get it in time for the wedding. In fact, it's a good idea because almost all the gifts used at the wedding are a well-made memorial.

    Question: What would make a memorable gift for the wedding?
    Any item that is personal with the bride's groom's first name and wedding date, such as: Resting Flutes, Cake Servers, Unity Candles, etc ...
    One, some or even a whole collection of wedding accessories such as: Rusted Flutes, Cafe Servers, Unity Candles, Guest Books and Matching Pens, Protective Clothing, Ring Carriers, Hankies, Caketops etc ... But do not make it a surprise gift. Consult with the bride and groom to ensure that they do not have these items yet. If not, find out if they are planning a theme wedding and correspondingly or better than, let them choose the items.

    Q. Can I shop online for wedding gifts?
    A.Sure! Actually, this is the easiest way to engage the bride and groom, near or far, if you need their input when choosing a gift for the wedding.
    Online shopping is your most convenient way to get unique gifts that may not be available in stores.
    Ideas: Personalized wedding gifts, personal lights, etc. When shopping online, a mouse click or a phone call from your home or office, you can buy, gift boxes, attach a personal gift card and send a gift directly to the couple.

    Question: Should I bring my gift to the wedding venue?
    A. Preferably not!
    Most wedding venues do not provide security. Thus, gifts can be easily damaged or misplaced or, sadly, taken. The bride and groom are very busy and excited to worry about collecting gifts. Thus, some gifts can be easily left behind.

    Q. How do I make sure the bride and groom receive my gift?
    A. Send the gift to the bride's address, the groom or the address of the RSVP envelope that came with the wedding invitation.


    S. We plan to give each other gifts at the wedding. What is the best time to do it?
    A. Gift exchanges between brides and grooms have become quite popular. The best time for brides and grooms to change gifts is at the ceremony as soon as they are no longer bride and groom. It immediately follows the officer who presents the new gentleman and wife but after lysing Unity Candle.

    Q. What kind of gifts will be appropriate?
    A. Give each other gifts that are memorabilia. Personalized gifts and jewelry at the top of the list.

    A. As a mixed family, we plan to recognize our children as part of our union. We would like to give them special gifts at the wedding.

    Question: What is the best time to do?
    A. This is a wonderful way to welcome your children to your new union.
    The best time for you to give your children a gift is at the ceremony immediately after your gift exchange, or immediately after your rings change and promise. This is especially appropriate if you plan to include the children in your promises and, if appropriate for age, in the lighting of Unity Candle.

    Q. What kind of gifts will be appropriate?
    Here is a piece of jewelry that the family unit's jewelry (pendants, rings, pinch / tie clips etc ...) a perfect gift.

    Q: Are there special labels on giving gifts to our wedding party and family?
    S. We need some ideas about gifts of appreciation to our bestman, groom, bridesmaid, grooms, grooms, parents parents, blooming girls and ring bearer (boy).
    A. Gifts, their cost and if you are to give everyone the same gift is in your opinion. But since you asked, we give you some ideas.


    Gifts for honor, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers

    A. The most appropriate gifts will be memorial reminders.
    Mothers and gentlemen usually receive gifts of greater value than bridesmaids, but this is not mandatory.
    Gifts personalized with names, titles (mom, hedmaid etc ...) or bride and groom's name and wedding day serve as both thanks and memory memories.
    Ideas: Personal candles, frames or photo albums to later add your wedding photos to, jewelry, some of their wedding wear, roasted flutes or mugs, jewelry boxes, key rings, watches, makeup kits, crystal or silver vases, crystal bowls, collectible items, etc. .
    Surprising gifts Ideas: bath oils, gift baskets, candles, a day at a spa etc. ...


    Gifts for best man, groomsmen / Ushers, athers, grandfather

    A. Here too, the most appropriate gifts will be memorial reminders.
    The fathers and the best man generally receive gifts of greater value than the groomsmen / Ushers, but this is not mandatory.
    Ideas: Personalized candles, frames or photo albums to later add your wedding photos to, beer mugs or pilsners, roasted flutes, drinkers, cooler koozies, money clips, suitcases, wooden jewelry boxes, unique items that reflect their individual interests, bar sets, desk clocks, individual items that reflect their individual interests, bar sets, desk clocks, business card holders, key chains, pocket watches, Swiss army products, high quality pens / pen sets.


    A. Wedding memorabilia including a special album, picture frames and video / cd of your wedding are most appreciated by the parents. They will show them and relive your happy day every time they look at your wedding photos.


    Ideas: Here, your gift as a color box set, or books about being a flowering or ring carrier, may depend on the child's age. But long-lasting gifts can be given to a child of all ages. Ideas: Jewlry, jewelry box, silver bank, a framed photo of him / her with you on your wedding day, something related to the child's interest, a stuffed animal etc ...


    S. It has become commonplace to present your wedding guests with wedding favors to thank them for helping you celebrate your big day.
    Actually, merit should be versatile.
    ideas: insert cards in small frames, insert place cards in silver hangers, order personal pens and each keep the pen after you have entered your guest book, add a dessert (candy, nuts, cake etc.) in a memory case, etc. .. Assign one of your attendants to announce that these are thanksgivers from the bride and groom.

    S. We plan to give our guests memento thank you gifts.

    Question: Should we also send them thank you notes?
    A. Absolutely! Each guest gave you a gift in person. Most guests thought about what to download and buy, submitted and delivered to you on or before your wedding.
    You must acknowledge their efforts individually with a thank-you report.

    S. We have a big wedding party. When we add both sets of parents, grandparents and some other relatives, we come up with more than 10 men and more than 10 women. We are on a budget. Giving each a great gift is prohibitive but we don't want to give "cheapy" gifts.

    Q. Can you help?
    A. We hope so! You need to consider your budget when choosing your gifts but you don't have to go up gifts you like. Always remember that some creativity and thoughtfulness can go a long way. If you are creative, you can put together gifts from the heart. Write or rite someting specially and place it in a frame. find small things that will be appreciated by a sports enthusiast, stamp collector, a garden buffet, etc ... and make small gift baskets. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated by the recipients.
    Otherwise, you choose two gifts - one for the men and one for women - and buy them in bulk. Many retailers give you a spread of quantity based on quantity - if you ask them.
    This will help keep your costs down and save time as well.
    If you shop on-line Email a note to online sellers ask if they can give you a break to buy the X number of the same. They may not offer it, but some may consider doing so when requested. We at the A wedding day do it.
    S. Be aware that due to the way in which internet shopping carts are set up, the discount will not be displayed on your online confirmation. The vendor must deduct the discount when you charge your credit card and must send e-mail to the amount actually charged. It should reflect your cost after the price reduction.

    Question: When is the best time to present our thanksgiving gifts to our parents, grandparents, and wedding mates?
    A. You can do it at the rehearsal dinner because of the intimate setting with your family and close friends. Or you can choose to present each one in a private environment where you can express your gratitude individually for each participant.

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