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Your earrings can help you sell more of your handmade jewelry. They should complement the style of your jewelry, show off your work nicely, and answer your customers' questions about the earrings that made them look great.

Even if you can buy ready-made earrings cards from most jewelry suppliers, I think it is much more professional to do yourself. Your unique custom earring package gives a high quality handmade touch to your jewelry line, especially if it coordinates nicely with your other jewelry package.

Earring cards are easy to design and do - or have done for you. And you can make them just a few cents each - a good investment when considering the impression they make.

What information should your ear cards have?

* Your Jewelry Company Info -

Somewhere on the card, be sure to include the name of your jewelry company, as well as all your contact information - your web address, e-mail address and phone number.

If you are active on any of the large social networks online, you may also want to add your profile (s) to your jewelry package, as many of your customers are also active there and may prefer to contact you as a way.

You may need to put your contact information on the back of the card to prevent the main text from distracting customers & # 39; eyes away from earrings.

Your contact information helps customers feel that you are a legitimate company that will remain for a while. It assumes that you are behind jewelery and that you can be contacted if the customer has problems with your products.

In addition, customers often keep their own earrings and jewelry labels, which normally stash them somewhere in their jewelry box. And when a client has your contact information handy it is a good chance that they come in contact with you or shop on your website when they want to buy more jewelry or have their own pieces.

Even when customers misplace your business card, they tend to keep the unique, custom earrings display cards that came with their handmade jewelry!

* Jewelry The components you used in earrings -

Your earring cards should also list the material (all beads, stones, clay, metals, paper etc.) used to create the pair of earrings hanging on that card.

This information is especially important for people who have metal sensitivity and must be confident about the metal they are wearing on the ear.

* Your logo (Optional) -

If you have a logo design for your jewelry store, I recommend you include it anywhere on all your jewelry packaging. It helps to create customer awareness and recognition of your jewelry line.

What size earbuds do you need?

Before designing your earmuffs, carefully measure your earmuffs, as well as bags or boxes that you put on earrings when selling.

I discovered the difficult way that a small measurement on the front can save you a lot of frustration after making your earrings short!

More tips for creating your own earrings

Be sure to use the heaviest card stock that will work in your printer or copier. Heavier paper materials will help your cards survive the handling that they will receive on jewelry shows and home parties.

Use only acid-free paper or cardboard for all your earrings and jewelry labels. Everything else will make your jewelry metals soiled faster.