Schmuck selber machen – Technik: Netztechnik als Schlauch arbeiten – YouTube

Schmuck selber machen – Technik: Netztechnik als Schlauch arbeiten – YouTube

Annealing is an important part of the jewelry process, and is basically where metal is heated to make it soft so that it can be manipulated and worked with. You need some special tools to make jewelry to handle the process, and in this article we go through just what is involved.

The process will vary depending on the metal you are working on, as each metal has a different melting point. For example, if you work with copper, it has a high melting point, and it will require a lot of annealing, while if you work with gold it is naturally flexible and does not need at all at all.

The most common tool used by jewelry in the annealing process is a torch, which can be propane or natural gas. When using the torch, the flame should be held over the metal at the point where the blue and yellow parts of the flame cut. When the color of the metal changes it becomes flexible, and with the right heat it should take a maximum of 30 seconds. The temperatures at which the metals are:

  • Copper 1110 degrees,
  • Silver 1110 degrees
  • Platinum 1110 degrees
  • White gold 1200 degrees
  • Gold 1200 degrees

If you use metal metal to make jewelry and you have access to an oven, this can be a convenient alternative to a torch. But an oven is not one of the standard tools for jewelry creation , and when you first start, you need no more than a handheld torch.