So halten Sie Ihren alten Schmuck wie neu aussehen #bracelet #handm

So halten Sie Ihren alten Schmuck wie neu aussehen #bracelet #handm#alten #aussehen #bracelet

Fortunately, for jewelry owners, gold jewelry does not tarnish as silver pieces do and therefore does not require so much maintenance to hold in portable form. However, gold pieces can still become dirty during normal wear and should be cleaned to ensure that the pieces look the best they can be. Because silver has such a reputation for tarnishing and its cleaning requirements, gold jewelry is often overlooked, as it also needed some cleaning attention from time to time.

Although Gold can be cleaned with a variety of common household cleaners, there are still some precautions that should be taken before starting. A serious warning that gold jewelry lovers should be observed before attempting to clean their pieces is to never allow your pieces to come into contact with chlorine or bleach. These hard chemicals can permanently discolor your precious jewelry so that contact with them should definitely be avoided.

Another good hint for jewelry that has stones in is to try to avoid soap scum being built up near where the stones are mounted. To prevent this, use a slightly damp cloth dipped in the cleaning solution while cleaning the area with the stone. You should also ensure that your gold part is rinsed completely when you have tried to clean it with the solution so that any occasional soap will not discolor your jewelry later.

As mentioned earlier, there are various household cleaners that can be used to clean your jewelry. The easiest to use would probably be liquid detergent. Combine the mat soap with warm water and soak your jewelry for a few minutes before using either cloth or toothbrush to scrub the dirt away. You can use seltzer water or club soda because the carbon dioxide in these liquids can loosen more of the dirt on the jewelry. Also be careful not to use too durable when cleaning. Soft rags and soft bristles are good choices; everything else can leave scratches on jewelry. If you are unsure whether the cleaning object is too difficult to use then try it on a section of your jewelry that is usually not displayed.

There are other techniques to clean your gold pieces. You can mix some ammonia to six parts of water and drag your jewelry for no more than a minute before using a soft cloth to polish it. Toothpaste also works to clean your gold; Make sure you get all the toothpaste out of the cracks before stopping cleaning. If you have an exceptionally dirty piece of jewelry, you can even boil it in water. All dirt or grease should rise to the top of the pot. If you are concerned that you are damaging your jewelry while you cook it, you can use a charcoal to keep the bit off the bottom of the pan, making sure it is completely submerged for it to clean.