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Just because you don't have much money doesn't mean you can't find an affordable engagement ring that looks like it costs a fortune.

Tips on getting more diamond for your dollar when choosing an affordable engagement ring.

First, the diamond shape you choose can help your ring look like it is worth much more than what you really paid. For example, a marquise-shaped diamond looks larger than a round diamond. Pear shaped and oval diamonds are also good choices for diamond engagement rings because they look larger than their round counterparts.

The setting you choose can also make your engagement ring look very nice and expensive. Especially an illusion setting. The diamond is mounted on a metal plate similar to a mirror, making the diamond appear larger and brighter.

The quality of the diamond you choose is also important if you want an affordable engagement ring. Your personal preference will prevail, but it is possible to sacrifice quality for size. Colored diamonds are a popular choice, so one option is to choose a lower color to get more diamond for your dollar.

Where to look for an affordable engagement ring.

Why go past the World Wide Web? Turn up your computer and browse the web, it's the easiest and most painless way to find a good affordable engagement ring that won't break the bank.

Of course, who can walk past e-Bay for a cheap priced engagement ring? Another good value online jewelry auction site is But a word of advice - make sure you do your homework before placing a bid. Get a handle on the different degrees of diamonds that exist and what kind of metal you want - it's yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Check out your local pawnshops too, they usually have amazing bargains on reasonable engagement rings. And if it makes you feel a little, okay, own a peasant engagement ring, remember that antique and vintage engagement rings are all rage - and they also have a story.

Finding a cheap price affordable engagement ring is meaningful. It gives you plenty of money to spend on other things you may need for your new life together. Like a driving machine, maybe?