Summery turquoise bead necklace

Summery turquoise bead necklace

Does earring increase your sex appeal?

Why have women had earrings for centuries?

Why go through the pain by earring ears just to wear earrings?

Try wearing a pair of big gold earrings, free spirited gypsy earrings and see the difference. Only the pair of earrings can glitter up any outfit. From jeans and regular tops to the little black dress. Not only do these earrings pay attention to you, they give you a lively atmosphere that is so sexy.

Dangling earrings are especially sexy. The earrings move around the eye. They distract the guys and catch the attention.

In fact, earrings increase your sex appeal. In ways that are both obvious and subtle.

The beautiful gorgeous walk down the red carpet, wears a pair chandelier earrings Know how these earrings would make her look even more glamorous than ever. The dazzling precious gold or platinum, the brilliant diamonds, the beautiful stones. All of these used to create the artwork she carries for everyone to admire.

The chandelier earrings pay attention to her beautiful features. The earrings cascaded down the sides of the face and framed her face beautifully. The really long chandelier earrings cascade down the neck and mark the neck.

Your neck is a vulnerable, very sexy part of you that guys like to be attractive. Show off the neck and carry the shoulders when wearing the chandelier earrings, for the sexiest effect.

If the chandelier earrings are too much, try linear earrings instead. They slim down their face.

There are subtle ways that earrings enhance your appearance, enhance your sex appeal.

Beads are bright. They reflect soft, diffuse light back to your skin, which is very flattering. Weaving a pair of pearl earrings can make you look bright. Especially if you have good skin, or are skilled in makeup.

Diamonds on the other hand are known for their burning gloss.

Ever stared at a diamond in the spotlight and looked at the fiery light dance in that diamond?

Mesmerizing, right?

A couple diamond earrings Take that light in your face. Even a pair of diamond earrings can make quite a big difference. Subtle no doubt, but somehow a woman looks more beautiful when wearing a pair of diamond earrings.

The shape of the earrings can also make you look better through optical illusions.

A round face would look slimmer when wearing long earrings that emphasize a vertical line. Long rectangular earrings can be adjusted so that your face looks narrower. Dangling earrings also slim the face.

Flat features look sharper with angled earrings. The sharp lines of the earrings make your features look sharper.

One for angled face looks softer with round earrings. Circles and ovals included in the earring design give the features a smoother look.

By wearing earrings, a woman can look beautiful, immediately.