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Surfer bracelet Macrame bracelet Hippie gift Friendship bracelet Bff bracelet Macrame jewelry Stackable bracelets by ElvishThings on Etsy

Accessories can either make or break an outfit, but with the right piece you are sure to complete an amazing wardrobe.

Fashion accidents often happen with either the wrong choice of style, wrong color combination, improper wardrobe and insufficient accessories.

The common (and old) rule for accessories or jewelry is to never wear gold and silver jewelry together. But with the trend nowadays, many women are seen with gold with silver bracelets. Let's admit it, it looks good. So, what's the rule now? Should silver and gold go together or not?

Nowadays, it is safe to just forget about it, with women's accessories. Do not forget the so-called rule of mixing accessories. In addition, the trend is today about mixing and matching! With all the fashionable jewelry and accessories out there, it would really be a shame to wear them only with a few pieces. These days, women need not be afraid to cook silver and gold - it is with bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry.

While you violate any old-fashioned rules are now accepted, let's face it. There are still some people who prefer a type of jewelry over the other. For example, some women feel that gold does not look good on their pale skin, so they only wear silver or white gold jewelry.

Again it is okay to mix silver with gold. For one, many top jewelry designers and jewelry manufacturers use gold and silver (or white gold) on the same jewelry piece. There is no reason why women cannot wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time.

But for some women who want to break the old non-blend-silver-with-gold rule but want to play it safely, they can always mix silver with white gold. Such a combination never collides and looks elegant at the same time.

While women are a combination of adventurous and reserved personalities in trying out new fashion trends, men are a bit more in the conservative type - simply because their accessories are pretty basic - clock, ring and cuff links.

Imagine seeing a man in a suit who also wears a gold bell with a silver ring. It may not seem obviously far from it, but when he comes up you stand the difference.

Gold is actually one of the basic and safest colors for an accessory to choose a man's outfit. The only rule that you wear man's gold accessories is that it should fit well with others you wear. If you choose to wear cufflinks, you have to make sure that they match with the belt buckles, and other jewelry that he is wearing, like a gold tone bracelet, bracelet or ring. On the other hand, if he has silver cufflinks, all other accessories should also be silver colored.