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Different people like different kinds of jewelry: some are fans of traditional pieces, some like antique metal with modern design and some like domestic jewelry more than anything else. If you're in the latter category or simply enjoying unique jewelry, you should buy domestic American jewelry.

The purchase may seem easy, like placing an order followed by normal payment process. But there is a catch. Do you want to buy something of low quality, while paying the same price on an authentic piece? Absolutely not. Therefore, it is better to support yourself with sufficient knowledge of Native American jewelry so that you will not be deceived by the false pieces.

How would you distinguish the genuine pieces from the false? Your knowledge of genuine jewelry will help you. Here are some points to consider before buying Indian jewelry.

Value: Artistic, Historical and Monetary

Spanish introduced silver smithing to the Indians. Since then, the tribes and Pueblos have begun to develop their unique jewelry style that has been transported through generations.

The authentic artists of Native American jewelry design unique pieces with their innovations, patience and hand tools. Sand casting is a special method by which the silversmith cuts a mold to form silver, and the mold is destroyed by the molten silver. If you look closely at this type, you will understand the patience the artist needed to design this piece of jewelry.

Apart from this, there are rocks. The size of the stone, the fine cut of it and, above all, the setting make it different than false. Note that no adhesive is used to set the stone into an authentic piece. Rather, it is fixed in the inlay patterns with sand or similar material.

Because of this immunity knowledge and patience, the artists put a worthy price on their jewelry. Often, the price may seem a bit high, but if the sellers negotiate with you and you can buy domestic jewelry at a much lower price, do not ask its authenticity.

Federal law

Federal law provides some protection for consumers to help them buy genuine jewelry. According to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, the label "Indian American" or "Indian" can only be used on authentic products. Be sure of the duplicity if the tag says something else.

Signs and symbols

In addition to labeling and value, there are some signs and symbols that help to understand the authenticity of the product. A hallmark, the artist's signature and sometimes the date of manufacture are stamped or carved in jewelry. This indicates the authenticity of jewelry.

The material of jewelry is also a factor in determining its authenticity. Sterling silver is commonly used as a material of Native American jewelry. The best way to separate sterling silver jewelry from a silver plated piece is to examine it with a magnet. The silver plated will probably contain nickel, so it will attract the magnet, while the genuine silver will not.