Tentacles bracelet, bead loom pattern, wristband pattern, wrist cuff pattern for Miyuki Delica seed beads

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Precious metals such as platinum, silver and gold are the most desirable options for creating a fine piece of jewelry. There are also options such as stainless steel and titanium which are also popular on the jewelry market. Here are some of the most popular types of metal for jewelry:


The most common type of metal for jewelry is sterling silver which is based on 7.5% copper and 92.5% silver. It is a long lasting and durable metal that is practical for many different things, including body jewelry, belt buckles, cuff links, bracelets, necklaces and rings. However, this type of metal is much softer than alternatives such as titanium, platinum and gold. Even this metal can discolor over time if it is not well maintained and needs much more continuous attention compared to other precious metals.


Gold is one of the most popular metals for jewelry. Most gold jewelry is made with an alloy of gold with a mixture of other metals such as zinc, nickel, copper and silver. Gold jewelry is measured in carat to indicate how much gold is included. The higher the gold concentration in the jewelry jewelry, the more expensive it becomes. The highest gold content is 24 carats, but it is too soft to make jewelry. A gold content of 14 carats is more practical for jewelry because it is easier to work with and stronger. In addition, the other metals added to the gold will affect the color of the finished object. For example, white gold is based on extra metals such as silver, nickel and palladium, while rose gold will contain a high amount of copper.

Base metals

The base metal contains metals such as titanium, brass, copper, nickel and iron. They are quite easy to source and more likely to corrode or oxidize over a relatively short time frame. Brass and copper metals are a useful choice for making the hammered disc hangers.


Platinum is the most expensive and rare of precious metals. The durable nature of this metal means that it will not melt and is incredibly durable. Its melting point is a high 3216.2 ° Fahrenheit and a popular choice for advanced parts such as wedding rings. This metal can also be mixed with cobalt and copper to improve its all-round properties.


Titanium is classified as the strongest natural metal in the world. It is actually three times stronger than steel and resistant to scratches. It is naturally easy to make it an excellent choice for jewelry, and is also reliably easy to color.